1927 – New York

Jose Raul Capablanca came out victorious in one of the strongest tournaments of all time in New York from February 19th – March 23rd, 1927. The event was held at the Trade Banquet Hall of the Manhattan Square Hotel. Only Capablanca (the world champion at the time) and his strongest rivals were invited to play, with the condition that the winner would challenge Capablanca for his title.

Alexander Alekhine, Aron Nimzowitsch, Milan Vidmar, Rudolf Spielmann, and Frank Marshall were the other participants, all competing in the form of mini-matches (each player met the other four times).

The tournament was additionally paying the players rather handsomely for the times. 1st place – $2000, 2nd place – $1500, 3rd place – $1000. The remaining players received $50 for each win and $25 for each draw.

Capablanca was in great form and won the tournament convincingly. He scored 14 out of a possible 20 points, losing zero games and winning each mini-match with his rivals. Alekhine earned the honor of playing for the world title as a result of finishing by himself in second place.

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