1914 - Lasker vs Tarrasch

1914 – Lasker vs Tarrasch

This game is from the infamous St. Petersburg International Chess Tournament of 1914. Then world champion, Emanuel Lasker plays fellow German and nemesis, Siegbert Tarrasch. Lasker was 45 years old at the time of this match and had convincingly defeated […]

Paul Keres & Tigran Petrosian

1st Piatigorsky Cup 1963

Paul Keres and Tigran Petrosian shared first place honors at the First Piatigorsky Cup Chess Tournament. Touted as the biggest tournament on American soil since Dallas 1957, the tournament took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California from […]

The Evergreen Game (1852)

The Evergreen Game (1852)

Here is a classic game between Adolf Anderssen and Jean Dufresne from 1852 in Berlin, Germany. Anderssen was the 10th unofficial chess champion of the world and was recently coming off his victory at the first ever international chess tournament […]

1883 - Mason vs Bird

1883 – Mason vs Bird

Featured below is a classic game from the sixth round of the 1883 London International tournament between legendary chess greats James Mason of Ireland and Henry Edward Bird of England. Bird would play a Sicilian Defense against his opponent’s king’s […]

Carl Haffner's Love Of The Draw

Carl Haffner’s Love Of The Draw

Austrian author Thomas Glavinic produced a book in 1999 entitled “Carl Haffner’s Love Of The Draw”. The book is predominantly a fictional account of the 1910 match for the world chess championship between Emanuel Lasker and Carl Schlechter. The main […]