1890 - Manchester

1890 – Manchester

The Manchester (England) Chess Club had been a prominent foundation throughout the 1800’s and was the meeting place in 1890 for the formation of a larger chess organization that consisted of 24 Cheshire and Lancashire chess clubs. In the early part of 1890, the recently reformed British Chess Association was reportedly speculating on having their Sixth Chess Congress in conjunction with the Manchester Chess Club. Debates ensued over each entity putting up half of whatever […]

1914 - Lasker vs Tarrasch

1914 – Lasker vs Tarrasch

This game is from the infamous St. Petersburg International Chess Tournament of 1914. Then world champion, Emanuel Lasker plays fellow German and nemesis, Siegbert Tarrasch. Lasker was 45 years old at the time of this match and had convincingly defeated Tarrasch (+8 -3 =5) in a world championship match just six years earlier. The veteran Lasker would win the game and also go on to win the tournament. Tarrasch would place fourth behind Lasker and […]

Carl Haffner's Love Of The Draw

Carl Haffner’s Love Of The Draw

Austrian author Thomas Glavinic produced a book in 1999 entitled “Carl Haffner’s Love Of The Draw”. The book is predominantly a fictional account of the 1910 match for the world chess championship between Emanuel Lasker and Carl Schlechter. The main character in theory is Schlechter, but his name has been changed to Carl Haffner for the purposes of the book. All other players (Lasker, Albin, Janowski, etc.) and accounts of the match seem to be […]

1891 - Curtis vs Willenberg

1891 – Curtis vs Willenberg

C. Locke Curtis and F.H. Willenberg were regular mainstays in competing for the championship of the Ohio State Chess Tournament in the 1890’s.  The following is the deciding game in a tie for that state’s annual championship in 1891, played in Toledo, Ohio. GAME SOURCE: Charleston Sunday News – July 19th, 1891 (score and notes originally from the Toledo Commercial)