1890 - Manchester

1890 – Manchester

The Manchester (England) Chess Club had been a prominent foundation throughout the 1800’s and was the meeting place in 1890 for the formation of a larger chess organization that consisted of 24 Cheshire and Lancashire chess clubs. In the early part of 1890, the recently reformed British Chess Association was reportedly speculating on having their Sixth Chess Congress in conjunction with the Manchester Chess Club. Debates ensued over each entity putting up half of whatever […]

Paul Keres & Tigran Petrosian

1963 – 1st Piatigorsky Cup

Paul Keres and Tigran Petrosian shared first place honors at the First Piatigorsky Cup Chess Tournament. Touted as the biggest tournament on American soil since Dallas 1957, the tournament took place at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California from July 2nd to July 30th, 1963. The event was organized by Jacqueline Piatigorsky, the wife of famed cellist and chess enthusiast Gregor Piatigorsky. The original plan for the tournament was to have it every two […]

1948 - New York

1948 – New York

Reuben Fine gave an impressive performance to win the 1948-49 international tournament in New York (USA). The event took place at the Manhattan Chess Club from December 23rd, 1948 to January 2nd, 1949 and oddly enough, did not take days off for either Christmas or New Year’s Day. The tournament was arranged in a spontaneous manner by the Manhattan Chess Club organizers when it was discovered that Fine, Gideon Stahlberg, Max Euwe, and Miguel Najdorf […]

1927 - New York

1927 – New York

Jose Raul Capablanca came out victorious in one of the strongest tournaments of all time in New York from February 19th – March 23rd, 1927. The event was held at the Trade Banquet Hall of the Manhattan Square Hotel. Only Capablanca (the world champion at the time) and his strongest rivals were invited to play, with the condition that the winner would challenge Capablanca for his title. Alexander Alekhine, Aron Nimzowitsch, Milan Vidmar, Rudolf Spielmann, […]

1896 - Nuremberg

1896 – Nuremberg

Emanuel Lasker showed complete superiority in winning the 1896 Nuremberg chess tournament. Nineteen rounds were played over the course of twenty days (July 20th – August 9th), with a time control of thirty moves in two hours in the morning and resumption in the afternoon with a time limit of fifteen moves per hour and continued until the end. The main prizes went to Lasker (3000 M), Geza Maróczy (2000 M), Siegbert Tarrasch and Harry […]