1882 - Vienna

1882 – Vienna

Wilhelm Steinitz and Szymon Winawer shared first and second place at the Second International Chess Tournament in Vienna, Austria from May 10th to June 24th, 1882. The tournament was held to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Vienna Chess Society. Vienna was previously the site of one of the very first international tournaments in 1873, which was also won by Steinitz in a two-game playoff over Joseph Henry Blackburne. Coming into the tournament, Steinitz was […]

1857 - 1st American Chess Congress

1857 – 1st American Chess Congress

Paul Morphy came out victorious in the “1st American Chess Congress”, which was held in New York City from October 6th to November 10th, 1857. The format for the event was a 16 Player, 4-round knockout tournament. Morphy won the competition by winning fourteen while losing one with three draws. In the final round, he defeated the strong German-American master Louis Paulsen winning five games, drawing two, and losing one. He was now the chess […]

1851 - London

1851 – London

Adolf Anderssen of Germany won the first international tournament in chess history, which was organized by Howard Staunton and run on the knockout system. As a result of the victory, Anderssen became known UNOFFICIALLY as the world’s best chess player, although he did not receive any award or title. He eliminated, in order, Lionel Kieseritzky (+2 =1), Joszef Szen (+4 -2), Staunton (+4 -1), and Marmaduke Wyvill (+4 -2 =1). Staunton floundered, losing a playoff […]