Logical Chess, Move by Move

Logical Chess, Move by Move (Irving Chernev) – This book contains 33 well annotated chess games played by various chess masters in the years 1889 to 1945. The complexity of the games increases towards the end and the comments frequently refer back to previous games. Therefore, it is advisable to go through the games in the order they are presented, although the annotations are comprehensive enough to start with any game if you are particularly interested in one of them.

The book starts with a short general introduction in the ideas behind kingside attacks in chess and then continues with 16 games as examples for such an attack. This is followed by 7 games giving some insight into queen’s pawn openings. The final section “The Chess Master Explains His Ideas” containing 10 chess games focuses more on general strategic concepts.

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Below is an abbreviated sample of a French Defense game from “The Kingside Attack” section of the book on pages 61-65.

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